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Understanding OINP – What You Need to Know

When moving to Canada from a different country, one of the more confusing parts of the process might be represented by no other than The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, also known as OINP. As any Toronto immigration lawyer would explain, this program is dedicated to those who hold a job offer in the Ontario region, as it facilitates the process of obtaining a permanent visa for a nominee with the help of an employer or an investor.

How Can I Know if I Qualify for the Program?

But before you contact a Toronto immigration lawyer and start the process, you should be aware of the basic requirements needed to qualify for the program. Firstly, you need to reside either outside of Canada or, if you live on the Canadian territory, you must hold a viable residence or work permit. Secondly, you must be nominated by a reputable employer – but make sure that your investor got an approval from Opportunities Ontario – and, lastly, you must be eligible for a managerial, professional or technical position in Ontario. As an individual, the way to apply for OINP is either through the International Masters or International PhD graduate categories, while if you are the owner of a business, you need to select the Corporate or the Entrepreneur categories (however, you should be aware that an investment of at least $500 000 is required and up to ten times more for corporates).

Can I Apply as a Student?

But the possibilities do not stop here: OINP gives opportunities not only to professionals and entrepreneurs, but also to students – however, in case you are interested in applying to OINP while in Canada on a Canadian study permit, you must fulfill all the previously mentioned requirements in regards to jobs and investors, as well as hold an eligible degree from a Canadian institution. A Toronto immigration lawyer would clarify all of the other aspects of the process for you, in order to facilitate a faster and hassle-free immigration procedure. Contact Ronen Kurzfeld now and set up your appointment via call or email to successfully get your OINP processed.

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