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Tips to Hire Foreign Workers for Canadian Employers

Canada is a country of and for the immigrants. Millions of people every year prefer Canada owing to the lucrative job opportunities. International candidates seem to have the right set of skills and expertise that Canadian employers tend to seek. Therefore, with the assistance of an immigration lawyer, they try their luck.

However, amidst multiple options, it becomes difficult for the employers to choose the best to maintain a steady workflow. Needless to say, the country lately has been facing an acute labor crisis due to two main reasons:

  1. Decline in birth rate
  2. More number of aging population

Considering such adverse situation, the employers don’t have the luxury to experiment when it comes to hiring. The scarcity of employees and workforce are fulfilled by the international candidates. However, in order to filter out the superlative ones, the organizations need to pay heed to a few aspects.

Do you own a company or business in Canada and in search of international candidates? Stay hooked. Below discussed are some foolproof ways to hire the best foreign employees in a hassle-free way.

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  • Start with Evaluating the Labor Market

In Canada, this step has its significance while you are about to hire external resources across the border. As a responsible owner of an organization, you must conduct a thorough research in the labor market of Canada. This will give you a detailed account of the availability of the existing Canadian permanent residents or citizens.

Once you perform the test and get confirmation, you can opt for hiring international candidates as a part of your workforce. You can take the aid of an immigration lawyer who can permit the work visas for international candidates.

However, if there is any issue in testing the labor market, you may get landed into legal issues. Furthermore, the process of evaluation also varies from job types. The entire process will be supervised by the department called Service Canada. It is a special section of Canada government that reviews the entire procedure to assess an employer’s effort. So, make sure you abide by all the rules and regulations in order to acquire international employees seamlessly.

  • Consider the Global Strategy Skill

Keeping transition with the aforementioned point, this is an exception. Over the past few years, there has been a huge scarcity of employees in the IT industry. On record, the total number of vacancies has been summed to 200,000. Considering such crisis in this particular sector, Canadian government has exempted the rule of testing of labor market.

According to this rule, employers are authorized to bring in international candidates at a notice of 10 days. Needless to say, with this particular schemes, IT companies can get hugely benefited in addition to the international candidates. Moreover, with the aid of a skilled immigration lawyer the employees can retain their stay in Canada and eventually get a permanent residence. So, if you own an IT business, you can capitalize on this advantage.

  • French Mobility Program Matters

Canada with a rich cultural influence boasts several languages apart from English. French is one such language. So, you can hire international candidates who are adept in French. Apart from amplifying your workforce, you also directly contribute in building a sturdy French-speaking community outside Quebec. Based on temporary work visas, the employees can also bring their family members in Canada. The best advantage is that the candidates can get hold of work permit within 2 to 6 weeks post job offer.

  • Don’t Neglect US Immigration Policy

Due to the change in US immigration policy, Canadian employers can draw more skilled workers to fill up several job roles. Unlike the uncertainty related to visa process and H1 lottery in America, Canada offers permanent jobs and even residence.

So, consider all these factors and benefits to get hold of competent employees for your company. Working with an experienced immigration lawyer can also help you hire skilled foreign candidates.

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