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Student Visa

Canada is one of the best countries to get your education and pursue a great career. Lots of students pursue their education in one of the best educational institutions in Canada. If you wish to study in Canada in a program of more than 6 months, you must obtain a student visa. Your student visa is the most important document after your passport to study in Canada. Your status in Canada will expire the day your student visa expires. You can get a student visa only on the basis of the study permit. There are various requirements which you need to fulfill in order for you to be eligible to get a study permit.

With the new study permit rules effective now, you are eligible to work off campus for up to 20 hours provided you are a full time student. If you are a part time student, then you may only eligible to work on-campus.

International students must prove:

  1. That they have been accepted by an approved Canadian institution with a letter of acceptance.
  2. That they have sufficient funds to pay tuition and living expenses while residing in Canada.
  3. Have a clean background with police clearance
  4. Complete an English proficiency exam(required for some countries)
  5. Complete a medical examination approved and by the Canadian government.

Note: You may be asked to show any additional document required by the visa officer prior to getting your study permit.

Once you are approved for you study permit, you can easily apply for your study visa.

Studying in Canada is an amazing experience for any student getting the best education around the world. If you want be assured and get all the documentation right in the first attempt, come to us now and we will help you with the entire procedure.

We help you to obtain the documentation that immigration officials require and wish you all the best after a successful approval or your permit. Call us now and ask any further queries call or email us.


Best Student Visa Immigration Lawyer in Toronto