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Refugee Protection Claims

The Immigration and Refugee Protection Work as well as Canadian government understand the refugee system is, above all, about saving lives and providing protection to the homeless.

To meet its international legal duties regarding refugees, Canada provides secure paradise to men with a well-founded fear of persecution according to race, faith, nationality, political opinion or membership in a specific social group (including abused girls or homosexuals and lesbians, to list a few) as good as those vulnerable to torture or cruel and unusual treatment or abuse.

Men who fear persecution in their own home region (or state of the habitual residence), so that you can seek refugee defense, should first be beyond the state and should be incapable or, because of a well-founded fear, reluctant to avail themselves of the defense of that state (or return there).

A state for refugee protection might be produced at ports of entry or at national workplaces at any moment through the executive or admissibility hearing procedure in Canada until a removal order is produced.

Judicial Review

Should a Cell Member (for these seeking refugee protection inside Canada) or an Immigration Official (for these using for safety outside Canada under the Convention refugee overseas and associates of the Humanitarian-protected persons abroad courses) reject an application for safety, the Plaintiff may be informed in writing reasons for the rejection.

For those who have any queries or anxieties connected with appealing an adverse conclusion because respect, or declaring refugee status in Canada, please contact our office.

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