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Immigration Appeals

Canadian immigration laws can be very complex for many common people to understand and follow. An appeal for a refusal of a permit, rejection of refugee claim or denial of any other status can leave you in a perplexed situation. All these appeal cases involve different court procedures and officials and you need to assured how the decision maker will assess your case. Only an experienced lawyer from our firm who has handled numerous appeals can help you with all the legal procedures and provide you a professional legal consultation.

There are several kinds of immigration appeals:

  1. Detention Reviews
  2. Admissibility Hearings
  3. Sponsorship Hearings
  4. Deportation Hearings
  5. Federal Court Appeals

Preparing for these hearings requires a lot of care and preparation, as these hearings often involve sophisticated legal issues. The impact of these hearings on the applicant’s and their family’s lives is often significant.

We are proud of the care and preparation which we invest in each case we represent. Please contact us for further information about Immigration Hearings and Appeals as most these cases have a strict timeline involved for applying. Call us or email us using our website forms.

Best Student Visa Immigration Lawyer in Toronto