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Prepare these 4 Questions When You’re Out to Consult an Immigration Lawyer

Recently, though Canada’s Express Entry system it has now issued 17,850 Invitations to apply for permanent residentship in Canada. So, if you’re already eligible for the categories listed under the EES, then it is best that you quickly hire the immigration lawyer, to ensure that you apply for your permanent residentship the correct way. However,Continue Reading

How to Get and Retain a Good Job in Canada as an Immigrant

Everybody, who wants to shift in Canada, knows that they have to pay their basic expenditure after arriving in the country. Thus, getting and retaining a good job is extremely important for the immigrants who are about to start a life in Canada. The problem is, getting a job that matches your qualification, is prettyContinue Reading

The Provincial Nominee Program of Canada: The Major 2018 Changes Coming into effect in 2019

If you are to apply for a visa in Canada, then 2019 is your year. The Provincial Nominee Program has been changed quite a bit to make the process easier for the applicants. The new and improved provincial nominee program is set to allocate more people to Canada than 2018. What Is Provincial Nominee Program?Continue Reading

Landed Immigrant vs. Canadian Citizen: What’s the Difference?

Do you know the difference between the terms immigrant vs. citizen? By knowing the difference between a Canadian citizen and landed immigrant, it will help you distinguish what your rights and privileges are under Canadian laws. Who is considered a landed immigrant or permanent resident? Firstly, a landed immigrant can also be called a permanentContinue Reading

Solving Canada’s Technology Talent Shortage with New Canada Immigration Policies

Recruiting international technology talent is one of the objectives of Immigration Minister John McCallum’s overhaul of the Canadian system, expected to be announced in the fall. Time and again business leaders have told the Liberal MP they need to bring in these skilled workers faster and be able to offer incentives that can at leastContinue Reading

Understanding OINP – What You Need to Know

When moving to Canada from a different country, one of the more confusing parts of the process might be represented by no other than The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, also known as OINP. As any Toronto immigration lawyer would explain, this program is dedicated to those who hold a job offer in the Ontario region,Continue Reading

Relocating to Canada: The Basics of the Express Entry Program

There are various methods and processes to follow when trying to immigrate to Canada, each tailored for different needs and possibilities. If you are a skilled worker and you’re thinking about relocating to Canada, then you should mention to the Toronto immigration lawyer that you are interested in the Express Entry program. Why? Simply becauseContinue Reading

Permanent Residency in Canada – Preparing for the IELTS Examination

Relocating to a different country is a daunting process and Canada is no exception. While a Toronto immigration lawyer can help you with the legal procedures, there are other areas you need to prepare for by yourself – such as the IELTS examination, also known as the International English Language Testing System for any kindContinue Reading

Moving to Canada -The Canadian Experience Class

Moving to Canada is a dream to many, but without the right information, an actual possibility to a selected few – and while some may start the relocating process with visiting a reputable Toronto immigration lawyer like Ronen Kurzfeld right away, others start by researching the options offered by the Canadian Experience Class. Also knownContinue Reading

Canadian Immigration Law: Getting Your Permanent Residency from Refugee Status

How can I find out I that I Am Eligible? Opting for permanent residency as a refugee is definitely possible in Canada, if you meet the requested criteria. As any Toronto immigration lawyer would clarify, you must currently reside in the Canadian territory and, secondly, you must have a valid status as a protected personContinue Reading

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