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Business Immigration

Opening your own business in a foreign country like Canada can be a very hectic process. You need to ensure you have all the documentation and you meet the criteria to be eligible for business immigration visa. The business immigration services are divided in to three categories.

  • Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program
  • Start Up Visa
  • Self Employed

All applications in each of the category require rigorous documentations and can be done with the help of an immigration lawyer.

The Immigrant Investor Venture Capital Pilot Program criteria:

  1. You need to make a $2 million of non-guaranteed investment in the IIVC fund for approximately 15 years;
  2. You need to have a net worth of value at least $10 million through which you have earned through lawful, investments or profit-making business;
  3. You must meet or exceed CLB 5 in English or French for all four language abilities which include speaking, listening, writing and reading done through a designated proficiency center.
  4. You must have completed a Canadian post-secondary credential of at least one year or any equivalent foreign education as validated by an Educational Credential Assessment.

Start Up Visa

The Canadian start up program aims to attract entrepreneurs with the skills and knowledge who can create and set up innovative companies that can create jobs. Support from a designated group such as angel investors or venture capital firm is required in most cases.


In order to be successful as a self-employed applicant, the person must have the intention and ability to create his/her own employment and make a significant contribution to the cultural, artistic or athletic life of Canada or, to create his/her own employment by purchasing and managing a farm in Canada. The person needs to have an experience of 2 years in his/her profession and at least 5 years of education before applying for the status.

A person must meet the minimum standard of relevant experience as a self-employed individual in cultural activities, athletics or participation at a world-class level in cultural activities, athletics or farm management.

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