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Permanent Residency in Canada – Preparing for the IELTS Examination

Relocating to a different country is a daunting process and Canada is no exception. While a Toronto immigration lawyer can help you with the legal procedures, there are other areas you need to prepare for by yourself – such as the IELTS examination, also known as the International English Language Testing System for any kindContinue Reading

Moving to Canada -The Canadian Experience Class

Moving to Canada is a dream to many, but without the right information, an actual possibility to a selected few – and while some may start the relocating process with visiting a reputable Toronto immigration lawyer like Ronen Kurzfeld right away, others start by researching the options offered by the Canadian Experience Class. Also knownContinue Reading

Canadian Immigration Law: Getting Your Permanent Residency from Refugee Status

How can I find out I that I Am Eligible? Opting for permanent residency as a refugee is definitely possible in Canada, if you meet the requested criteria. As any Toronto immigration lawyer would clarify, you must currently reside in the Canadian territory and, secondly, you must have a valid status as a protected personContinue Reading

The Business Immigration Visa – What You Need to Know

There are various programs and options out there when it comes to immigrating to Canada and one of them is the popular business visa. If you are on the lookout for a way to relocate to Canada and you are looking forward  to starting up a company, then the first step you may want toContinue Reading

Employment Status Options in Canada for Immigrants

Moving to Canada is an exciting journey, one that comes with a lot of highs and lows – but part of this journey is making sure that you take the best decisions when it comes to your legal status, from your residency situation to your temporary resident visa. Currently, there are various forms of employmentContinue Reading

Services of an immigration lawyer in matters of divorce

Divorce as an Immigrant – Why You Need a Family Law Specialist When it comes to getting a divorce as an immigrant in Canada, there are numerous questions that may need urgent answers: How will a divorce affect my immigration status? What about custody issues and spousal support? Will my sponsorship continue even after myContinue Reading

Top ten reasons to come to Canada

Nature as well as four unique periods Because Canada is such a large nation and also boundaries three oceans (the Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic), there is substantial variety in landscape from shore to shore as well as province to district. Canada likewise has four very distinct seasons and also the temperature differs a lot throughoutContinue Reading

Getting your post grad work permit

The Post-Graduation Work Permit allows students who have finished their studies from a Canadian post-secondary organization to get as much as 3 years of Canadian job experience. Applicants should get a work permit within 90 days of getting written confirmation (for example, a transcript or a main letter) from the educational institution indicating that theyContinue Reading

Studying and starting your career in Canada

Annually, Canadian colleges welcome thousands of students from around the world. Brought in by our track record for high quality education, unique program opportunities as well as secure and welcoming communities, there are currently 100,000 international students at Canadian colleges from over 200 nations. Several international students select Canadian colleges for a college that willContinue Reading

Family visa and work permit requirements

When a foreign worker travels to Canada, sometime family members also accompany the person too if the stay is long. If a relative such as a partner or child plans to take a trip to Canada with a temporary international worker, then that relative must file an application him/herself. While such a family member’s applicationContinue Reading

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